Thursday, March 8, 2012

An afternoon date...

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday. It made for the perfect evening trip to the park.  We recently discovered a hidden park in our neighborhood that has great slides, big kid swings (a.k.a. a swing that Mommy can enjoy), a balance beam (a.k.a. a train track), and best of all, a turtle to ride on!

Daddy had some extra work to do, so it was just Adam and me. We had a great talk about his day on the walk over.  Apparently he painted, rode bikes, read stories, and had crackers.  Sounds like a good day at school to me!

Once we got to the park we just played and chased each other.  We took turns "riding the train" and riding on the turtle (sorry turtle, but Adam insisted Mommy take a turn), we went down the slide together about a gazillion times, and he held my hand each time, and we even sat on the swing together.  I think that was my favorite part.  He just sat on my lap, rested his head on me, and we just swung back and forth. 

A perfect date if you ask me...

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