Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Birthday Club

I love sharing my birthday with Adam, but I also love that I get to share my birthday month with so many other great members of the family-Mom, Lee and Andrew.  While it isn't always easy to get us all together at the same time (ok, who am I kidding, it's usually pretty easy to get us all together, just not when we are actually trying to celebrate something) once we settle on a date, our September Birthday Club celebrations are always fun and festive.

This year we did a BBQ luncheon with make your own sundaes for dessert (my personal fav!)  We then opened presents and oohed and aahed at all the nice things everyone got.  Adam was especially happy with his new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa, exclaiming "Oooh, so cute" and "Ooooh wow, pretty" it was very entertaining and oooh, so cute. ;) 

Adam even found some time to read Olivia one of his new books.

So happy birthday to Mom, Adam, (me), Lee and Andrew!  September rocks! :)

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