Thursday, September 8, 2011

Look who turned 2...

How fast a year goes by! Our little guy turned 2 on Saturday and we spent every minute of the day celebrating! We started the morning by greeting Adam with a balloon and the first of about 100 performances of "Happy Birthday!" He was kind enough to quickly reply, "happy birthday Mommy!"

We then spent the morning gearing up for the first Hokie game of the season.  We cooked up some buffalo chicken dip and turkey legs and we all got our orange and maroon attire on to cheer on Virginia Tech, who provided Adam with his next birthday present, a 66-13 win over Appalachian State.  Go Hokies! 

After an afternoon nap, Adam awoke to his next set of presents.  It was so great to see him actually open a present and see his face light up when he saw that we had given him some new Thomas trains and best of all, Harold the Helicopter!  He wasn't quite as excited by the outfit I'd gotten him, but what could I expect?! :)  We then told him to close his eyes while Daddy wheeled out his big present, a tricycle!!  He was so excited, cheering "Bike! Bike!" 

After taking a few spins around the kitchen on his new bike and playing with his new toys, it was time for cake! Of course his real cake was for his party, but we did whip up some yummy zucchini muffins, which he loves, so he got to enjoy one of those after he blew out his candles!

What a sweet, smart, funny, loving, adventurous, eager, adorable, stubborn, but in a good way, playful, imaginative and wonderful two year old you are Adam!  We love you more than we could ever put into words, try as we might! 

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