Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy birthday Andy!!!

Yesterday we got to spend the day celebrating Andy and his birthday! It was a great little family day filled with some errand running, tree decorating, a lunch out at Bone Fish, some relaxing, and a gourmet meal prepared by the birthday boy himself!!

Ok ok, I know that sounds terrible, but for those of that know Andy, you know that he would much prefer to have something to do and cooking dinner for him simply means he now has one less thing to do. So as a gift, I purchased him a duck that he had to then figure out how to cook. Yes, these are the kinds of things that make my husband smile.

I did, however, wake up early with Adam and we baked him fresh blueberry muffins while he caught a few extra "zzz's". I also whipped up a cake for him. He requested strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. I happily obliged. It's the least I could do considering he made me roast duck, sauteed prosciutto and brussel sprouts and rice for his birthday dinner!

Happy birthday Andy (Dad) we love you lots and lots!!


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