Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas tree hunting...

We headed out this weekend in search of the perfect (and real) tree to put up in our basement. We didn't do a basement tree last year but were determined to add a little Christmas cheer to the lower level this year, especially since Adam is loving all of the holiday flair around the house!

We started our hunt at Nalls Farm down the street from our house. I thought it would be more fun than fighting the crowds at Home Depot and while it certainly was a more festive atmosphere, you are paying for it!! Those trees were so expensive! I couldn't believe it! The little tree that I fell in love with immediately was $70!! We quickly found our way over to Home Depot! Ha!

Anyhow, we did end up finding an adorable tree (for $20!) and we got it all decorated yesterday afternoon while we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Sadly, I forgot to snap a picture!!

I'm loving all these fun holiday traditions we are getting to share with our little guy!!

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