Thursday, December 2, 2010

First dinner party of holiday season...

With all of our decor up by Saturday morning we were all set to host a little dinner party to kick off the holiday season! Andy made an awesome prime rib, I whipped up my dad's famous mashed potato casserole and we tried to balance it all out with some fresh steamed green beans! Ha!

Adam was a very entertaining dinner guest. He loved playing with his cousins, Dave and Kurt and even hung out with them while they played on the Wii. Those boys are getting so big, they'll be babysitting soon enough! :)

Auntie Bebe and Uncle Mark were loving seeing all of Adam's adorable tricks and Auntie Bebe even introduced him to cucumbers which he apparently loves!

It was a fun night, not to mention a great excuse to take the Spode china out! ;)

Here's to many more holiday dinners to come! (perhaps with a few more green beans!)

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