Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oysters and Mussels and Clams, oh my!

Yesterday morning Andy, Poppy and I went on a little adventure to find oysters, mussels and clams. I never knew you could find these things outside of a restaurant so it was quite an eye opening experience for me.

After purchasing some fabulously fashionable aqua socks, we headed to a little inlet on the sound and walked on in. I have to say I was a bit weary at first. I wasn't sure what kinds of creatures lurked in that kind of place...snakes, crabs, sharks, name it, I was sure it was there! Once Poppy assured me that I was probably insane, I just went for it!

It's amazing how many mussels and oysters you can find just by sticking your hand down into the water. Well, maybe it isn't quite that easy, but if you have a good guide, like Poppy, then it can be.

The key is to reach around at the bottom of the bushes to find the mussels. They put up a bit of a fight so you really have to pull hard and use your mussels (pun totally intended) and before you know it you've got three bags full of them.

The oysters were fun to find as well and felt like an even bigger accomplishment. Mostly you'd feel those under your feet, reach your hand down and hope that what you pulled up wasn't already eaten. I think in total we wound up with about two dozen pretty good sized oysters. Sadly we never found any clams.

I might mention that Andy was not nearly as fearless as I was. His biggest contribution to the effort came when it was time to eat! He did a great job of shucking the oysters for us so that Poppy and I could slurp them all down.

I can't believe what great shell fish appetizers we had last night and best of all it was free! :)

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