Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend!

We had a very busy and family filled Father's Day weekend! Sadly, I was under the weather for all of it, but I rallied as much as I could to make sure it was a great weekend for all the dad's in our lives.

On Andy's wish list for the weekend was some boat time. So we lathered up with sunscreen and headed out to our favorite spot on the river, Belmont Bay, and watched as Adam enjoyed his first dip in the water. He much preferred the river to the ocean! It was so fun to watch him splash around and he was kicking his little legs with such gusto! Andy and I had fun pushing him back and forth and would quickly hide under water and pop back up again much to the delight of our little boy!

Adam was such a great boater and I have to say the warm sun even made me feel better (for an afternoon at least!)

Then on Sunday we had a great breakfast with my dad. Adam was the perfect gentleman and behaved so well. He was all smiles and giggles for everyone, which was present enough for Grandpa (though I think he also enjoyed his golf shirt and picture as well!)

Sunday night we had Andy's parents over to celebrate and we even got to see Heidi, Garrett and Isabella as well! We were happy to have been able to see both of our dad's on Father's Day! (sorry, no pictures from dinner...told you I was sick) :(

Of course Adam was also very good to his dad! He had a card and two gifts for Andy. A great coffee mug with a picture of Adam and Liddy on it and a set of chili bowls and a serving dish to serve up the chili "accoutrement" with! Of course these little gifts don't even come close to rewarding Andy for what a great dad he is, but it was Adam's (and my) little way of trying!

We love you Andy (Dad)--you truly are SUPER! :)


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