Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring Break: Newport News & Jamestown...

We had such an awesome spring break - so awesome it's taken me this long to write about it. We kicked our trip off with two nights at Newport News Park which was a first for us. The campground was decent - not too much in the ways of amenities but we enjoyed our wooded site and our views of the water. The park itself huge with a big public area on the other side of the water with lots of biking and hiking trails. 

Adam enjoyed riding his bike around the campground loop - round and round he'd go. Harper enjoyed exploring our campsite, playing with sticks, and going for bike rides and walks to the park. We also enjoyed a longer walk one day on the other side of the park where we got to see lots of turtles sunning themselves. Adam tried to count them all but lost track around 54. 

The campground was also nice because it was in close proximity to CNU where our nephew Drew just completed his Junior year. He came and spent one of the days with us which was a lot of fun. We started the day at Jamestown. The weather was perfect and we got there right when they opened so it wasn't too crowded. Adam really enjoyed visiting Jamestown after having learned about the different Native American tribes in Social Studies this year. It was really cool to see him pointing things out to us - and he schooled Drew on all things Christopher Newport as that was an explorer they had also spent time learning about this year. Adam seems to be a history buff - something his great Granddad would be very proud to know. 

After our morning at Jamestown we headed back to the campground where Drew took Adam for a special cousin's only fishing adventure. The adventure started with a water moccasin sighting - yikes! They quickly moved fishing locations to the boat ramp after that. Drew is such a great role model for Adam so it's really great when we can get time for them to spend together. 

Our spring break was off to a wonderful start.  

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