Friday, June 9, 2017

Spring Break: Busch Gardens...

We had so much fun with our season tickets to Busch Gardens last year that we opted to purchase them again this year. Adam was so excited to see if he had grown enough to move up a wrist band which would open up a whole new world of rides and roller coasters. Much to his delight he did in fact meet those height requirements and while there are still some rides he isn't tall enough for he did hit the mark for the most famous ride at Busch Gardens - the Loch Ness Monster! I wondered if he would have any hesitation with going on this as it goes upside down and also since he'd really never been on a real roller coaster before but as soon as we got inside the park he insisted we head straight there. I'll admit I was actually a bit nervous about how he was going to enjoy it but after that first drop I looked over at him and he was all smiles and laughs - just like me on a coaster. He then proceeded to ride it three times in a row - twice with me and then again with Daddy & Kathleen. Adam = Thrill Seeker. 

Our visits to Busch Gardens during this trip were also fun because Harper was big enough to take in some rides as well. He was so cute riding the clydesdales - and Olivia was sweet to ride with him. He also enjoyed the Merry-Go-Round, swings, and riding in an airplane with his big brother. Harper = Thrill Seeker? Well - we'll just have to see but for now, it seems that's the direction we are headed in. 

We just love Busch Gardens - it's such a clean, friendly and beautiful park. It was fun having Kathleen and Olivia with us for one of the visits as well. It gave Andy and me the opportunity to go on a roller coaster together which was fun and also the ability for our family to ride the Mach Tower, which was not fun. Ha! This thing spins you up slowly to the very top - and while the views are supposedly really awesome (I wouldn't know, I had my eyes closed) the idea that you are going to then be dropped back down without warning makes anything positive about this ride immediately irrelevant. But, Adam wanted to ride it and so as a family we did just that. And I'll never do it again....

Mach Tower aside, it was a great couple days of visiting the park (we went again on Easter but more on that later) with lots of water rides enjoyed, some good food and ice cream devoured, and about 7 miles a day of walking - enough to tire all of us out - not just Harper. :) 

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