Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas Morning - the 1st Attempt...

Christmas morning brought with it excitement, anticipation, presents galore, and unfortunately a stomach bug for Andy. Que all the sad face emojis and feelings. As much as he tried to rally, it was clear from the Andy shaped ball hiding under a blanket on the couch that Christmas morning was going to have to wait until he was better. Now, how to explain this to a very excited 7 year old? Well - as it turns out, you simply say "Daddy is sooooo sick and soooo sad at the thought of missing watching you open your presents - so we are going to get a bonus Christmas morning when we wait to open our presents on the 26th! Also - you can open your stocking today to tide you over." Then you hide the small tear in your eye when your amazingly understanding 7 year old expresses how sad he feels for Daddy being sick - but that he understands why he has to wait." What a kid! 

So yes, Christmas morning wasn't quite the same as always - but we managed to still get in a few of our traditions - starting with a picture on the stairs. I'll admit it was weird not being in this picture - but I rather like how it turned out - two smiling boys in their matching PJ's - perfection! 

The boys got to check out what was under the tree and happily Santa had left a few gifts unwrapped so the thrill of seeing those was enough to tide these boys over for a day. They also got to dig into their stockings which is always so fun. As always, Adam got quite a kick out of the silly odds and ends that Santa had left for him - he also thought it was funny that Harper was now getting the same kinds of things. 

Afterwards I made pancakes for the boys (and let Adam eat a super sized icing covered sugar cookie as well - because, well, postponed Christmas) and then it was time to pack up and head to Grandma and Grandpa's - because well - stomach bug germs - and a quiet house for Andy to recover. 

Let the festivities continue...

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