Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's...

We arrived at Grandma & Grandpa's just as they were getting ready for their Christmas morning brunch. They were happy for the extra company and while we were happy to have escaped the germs we were definitely feeling sad to have left Andy behind. We made the best of it though and the boys had fun showing off their matching pj's (Adam loved the idea of being able to leave the house in his jammies - it's the little things) meeting Kathleen's new pup, Holly, and getting to test out the new scooter!

We all were spoiled with wonderful presents as usual with a focus on the kiddos this year. Adam was thrilled to receive a "bad guy" transformer, telescope and even a Lego set from Olivia which she picked out all on her own - adorable how much those cousins love each other. Harper got a new piano and his very own "Anywhere Chair" among other things. It's safe to say we all enjoy watching each other open their gifts. 

After a quick visit back home to check on Andy and to bring him crackers and Gatorade (necessary items for a stomach bug) I returned in time for a wonderful meal (sorry Andy) of prime rib, spinach and artichoke casserole and corn souffle - yum!

It was a great Christmas day/night with the family - but it was clear we were missing a big part of ours. Adam, Harper and I were definitely anxious for the next day when we'd have our Christmas do-over with Daddy!

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