Thursday, November 3, 2016


Adam had been begging for weeks to go to the pumpkin patch with the "scary bus," so we finally got around to it just in time to get a few more pumpkins before Halloween. 

It's always funny to me how much Adam wants to go to this particular patch as the highlight - the "scary bus" - has been something he's avoided the last three visits - ha! This year, with some encouragement and accompaniment from Andy, Adam finally braved it and went through - the looks on his face as he went through were classic (and apparently undocumented). Frankly the creepy clown bus driver caused me to tap out - no thank you! 

Harper was a bit tired when we went so we didn't quite get the fun smiley photos we had hoped for - but he did get to go down the slide a few times and let's just say he wasn't all that amused - I'll chalk that up to the tired factor as well. 

I was happy to snap our traditional photo of Adam and the wagon - next year Harper will have to help pull it - we'll be sure he naps first! :) 

PS - I did snap some pics of Harper with a mini-pumpkin when he was in a better mode - what a cutie pie! 

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