Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time celebrating Halloween this year. We kicked the festivities off with a dinner party with neighbors on the Saturday before Halloween. We did a pot luck which was kind of a first for us but we loved how easy it made our prep work and I know our neighbors appreciated being able to contribute. I got a little crazy at the party store and scooped up some frightful decoration. We had a fire going on the deck and all the kids enjoyed dining al fresco and then it was off to the basement for a "scary" movie and games while the adults got their turn in front of the fire. A fun night and hopefully new tradition. 

Halloween was a Monday so we did our best to enjoy the evening knowing the kiddos would need to be up early the next day for school. Adam requested to be a ventriloquist dummy and Harper was an elephant (and a sick one at that - poor kiddo - we had a make-up photo session a week later when he was feeling - and looking! - better).  

We met up with several of the kiddos in the neighborhood for trick-or-treating and while the kids ran from house to house the moms enjoyed our "roadies" and good conversation. Meanwhile the dads stayed back handing out candy while sitting around a miniature bonfire enjoying some brews. 

After trick-or-treating the kids sorted and traded candy - probably the best part of the evening! Halloween is such a fun holiday and we'll look forward to seeing what fun and frights next year's brings. 

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