Saturday, September 24, 2016

Adam turns 7....

Why does seven seem so much older than six!? I'm not sure but let me tell you, it's rocking my world a bit. 

Adam turned seven the day we drove home from the Outer Banks. I knew he was going to feel a little bummed about spending much of his birthday in the car so we had a little surprise for him in the morning - a card and gift to open in the car! Inside - the new "Angry Birds" movie, which he had yet to see - and due to a tropical storm and traffic got to watch roughly 4 times on the drive home. :) He also got his first pumpkin scone of the season to enjoy for breakfast. 

Once we got home he was excited to see that the house was ready to celebrate! I had hung our "Happy Birthday" sign before we left and the presents were all purchased and wrapped ahead of time as well. For an extra bit of birthday flair, Aunt Kathleen was kind enough to drop off some awesome balloons - including a huge Darth Vader one - I think he was content just from that! 

Of course more surprises were on the way, including a chocolate chip pancake dinner - per the birthday boy's request. Then it was gifts which included a Star Wars blanket, a Star Wars thermos, and a Kylo Rren light saber - do you sense a theme!? 

Happy birthday Adam!! 

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