Friday, September 23, 2016

Adam (and the rest of us!) go to OBX...

After being apart from Adam for a week we were so excited to be headed towards the Outer Banks for our beach trip and for part two of Adam's beach extravaganza! We decided to rent a house this year rather than taking our trusty and beloved camper. With Harper a house just allows more flexibility for nap time - especially when it comes with a pool! The house also came with a few other extras - a Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt and cousin! Woohoo! Helpers abound! 

We left a day early so we could cut our journey in half and also so we could visit Greg, Erica, Blake, Parker & Roxie at their new home in Edonton, NC. We had a wonderful visit with them and we just love their new home and town. Harper especially loved all the toys - and the girls of course. :) We can't wait to visit them again soon. 

After a great night with friends we were OBX (and Adam!) bound! We certainly packed just as much as we possibly could - and then some. Groceries were purchased, lunch was had, and finally it was time to check-in to our home "Carolina Daydream." It was a great house - plenty big, awesome pool, huge backyard and some gorgeous views of the sunsets over the sound at night. Adam will tell you his favorite part was the elevator - that was one of Grandpa's favorite parts too! ha! It actually did come in quite handy during un-packing and packing! 

Once we were all settled in to our house we spent the week having a blast enjoying the pool, relaxing in the water, kayaking, throwing the ball for the dogs in the backyard, going for walks, going for golf cart rides, eating ice cream, playing cards, eating some awesome food, visiting with friends (did I mention we got a bonus visit in with Greg, Erica, Blake & Parker?!) and just taking time to enjoy the last week of summer before school. 

We even got an end of week surprise with a tropical storm that blew through - needless to say that led to an eventful night of packing up all our stuff (remember we packed all of our belongings - ha!) which then led to some late night pool swimming for the whole family - wet clothes and all - and then an eventful drive home. What's vacation without a little adventure and a memorable send off? 

Until next time OBX! XO 

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