Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hawaii Bound...

This trip had been in the works for over six months and honestly I think I was in a bit of denial about it - we couldn't really be going to Hawaii could we? Then I was in a bit of a nervous tizzy about it - a total of six airplane rides!? Should we take separate flights!? - then all the snow and cold we experienced this winter knocked some sense into me - woohoo - Hawaii here we come!!

We thought about bringing Adam for a total of 20 seconds - he'd love it but an extra $1000 for his flight? No thanks - plus - this year we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary - so why not make it a second honeymoon? Plus he was really looking forward to nine days at Grandma & Grandpa's. Though while we were packing Adam and Liddy did try to sneak their way into our luggage. :) 

The trip to Hawaii is no joke - I mean, it's not like we thought it was close, but boy did we put in some good airplane time. We flew from Dulles to San Francisco then literally ran to our connection and boarded at last call - yikes! Then San Fran to Honolulu. Both flights were pretty smooth and we had personal tv's on both, so plenty of entertainment options - oh and did I mention we flew First Class? :) 

Our actual vacation was on the big island - Hawaii - but we decided to spend our first night in Waikiki Beach since we got in around 8 that night. We got hooked up with a hotel room from my boss who racks up a gazillion Marriott points each year so that was nice. And even though all we wanted to do when we got to our room was fall face first onto the bed, Andy insisted we rally and head out for a walk and a late dinner to try and acclimate ourselves to the 5 hour time difference. I'll admit it was fun to slip on some shorts and flip flops - did I mention how cold and snowy this winter was? Downtown Waikiki is very "posh" with stores like Chanel, Gucci, Tori Burch, Prada, etc. Needless to say, we didn't buy anything just enjoyed the evening stroll a midst the palm trees and tiki-torches. 

The next morning I was up by 4 (ha - hello two episodes of "House of Cards") and ready to head back to the airport for the vacation to really start. Can I mention what a cool airport it is - palm trees and outdoor lounge areas galore. Then of course the flight itself was pretty awesome flying over that gorgeous water. The excitement for our week was definitely building...

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