Saturday, April 4, 2015

Golfing on the Big Island...

It had been nearly 14 months since we'd played golf, but we knew we'd regret it if we didn't take our clubs along. We made ourselves early morning tee times to play the Waikoloa Beach Course (yes, waking up early was never an issue) and after a little warm up at the range the day before we felt ready to embarrass ourselves at least a little. Happily, the fresh island air and perhaps the significant amount of time away from the game, had a positive impact on us and we both played pretty great! Sure we had our moments - I remember one hole thinking, "gee, I hope those lava rocks don't get in my way." So of course I proceeded to hit my ball which hit the rocks and thus my ball ricocheted across the hole to the other side. Ha! But heck, it's lava rocks - how cool a hazard is that!? :) The course was gorgeous and the signature hole along the ocean was something else. I think I had my worst hole on that one - but who can blame me? My concentration was on snapping pictures and taking in the view. 

Needless to say we had a great time out on the course and best part was we were done in time for a quick lunch then out to the pool! 

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