Friday, November 14, 2014

Diving Board...

From the very beginning of the summer Adam had a goal of being able to jump off the diving board at the pool. We talked with the lifeguards and learned what he'd need to do to pass the test. First, he would have to be able to swim the width of the diving board section of the pool and then he'd have to tread water for one minute.

Considering at the beginning of the summer he wasn't all the keen on even jumping into the pool we were skeptical, but as his swimming improved, so did his confidence and it wasn't long before he was jumping in all on his own, swimming on his own, and treading water on his own. Once he built up that confidence he starting asking to jump in and swim in the deep end of the pool - another step in the right direction.

Finally it was Labor Day weekend and what better way to say "so long" to summer than with celebratory jump off the diving board? 

And then 5 more for good measure...

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