Friday, November 21, 2014

Adam turns FIVE...

After the excitement of the first day of school came the excitement of the 2nd day of school which just happened to be Adam's birthday! We greeted him in the morning with a balloon and lots of birthday hugs and kisses then it was off to school. His teacher was so sweet, she emailed me that morning to let me know Adam would be the first student to get to wear the birthday crown and that he'd get to pick out a special birthday pencil from her stash. I was so thrilled that she was aware it was his birthday - having spent my fair share of birthdays in the first couple days of the school year, I know it's not always the case that people are focused on birthdays, another great sign of what an awesome teacher he has! Then after school it was time for presents - love that he still gets excited about clothes! ha :) It was an understated celebration as we knew his big birthday party was just a few days away (more on that later...) 

Oh my how is this sweet boy already 5!? 

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