Monday, August 25, 2014

Wintergreen - King Family Vineyard...

What would a trip to Wintergreen be without a visit to some of our favorite Virginia Wine makers!? In addition to Wintergreen Winery (our favorite, and sadly it's for sale - who wants to go in on purchasing it with us??) we also hit up King Family for a picnic with my former colleague, Ali and her boyfriend Griff. It was along overdue reunion and the weather and Polo matches in the background were the perfect backdrop for catching up. 

The kids had a blast running around and eating lunch on the ground (picnics are almost as exciting as Christmas for kids I've come to learn) and the rest of us enjoyed sipping on Viognier (Virginia's signature wine) and munching on all kinds of good picnic eats. 

It was a beautiful day and while we neglected to snap a photo, it was a great chance to catch up with Ali (whom I'd worked with for nearly 6 years). Wonderful! 

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