Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beach Week - Williamsburg Kick-Off

We kicked off our Outer Banks beach week with a two night stay at our favorite campground, the Williamsburg KOA (as we almost always do). We had fabulous weather and one of our favorite sites with views of the pool - which was where we spent most of our time! 

They had lots of activities planned for the weekend, including making tie-dye t-shirts. We had fun dipping our tees in red and blue dye and while we have yet to get that awkward family photo in our matching shirts, we know that we've got the option, and frankly that's good enough for now. :) 

Adam swam and swam and swam some more. He was really growing into his "fins" on this trip and we loved seeing how much progress his swimming skills had made since beginning his lessons in late winter. Of course such great swimming deserved an ice cream reward!! 

Our vacation was off to a great (and already tiring) start, but with our bellys full of pancake goodness we were ready to hit to the road for the OBX! 

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