Sunday, June 15, 2014

Clearwater Beach...Family Time...

A week of hard work (not to mention the late nights leading up to the event) and the greatest reward (besides the frozen mojitos) was time spent hanging out with my family. It's not often we vacation in a small hotel room (32 foot camper for the win!) and yet that closeness was everything I wanted. We ordered a cot for Adam, but he ended up in our bed, and even though that's a rare thing, it was treasured that weekend. We enjoyed breakfast together, helped each other with our sunscreen application, swam together, dug holes together, and napped together. It was perfect. 

To add to the perfection, we were able to meet up with Uncle Shawn, Auntie Heidi, Garrett & Isabella for a day at the beach and pool. The kids had so much fun playing together (as they always do) and the adults enjoyed catching up, swapping stories, and sipping on some beach cocktails (did I mention the frozen mojitos?) Also, the photo op on the inflatable alligator proved to be hilarious. 

We had great dinners, enjoyed beautiful sunsets and when all was said and done we were ready to head to the airport, watch some planes, then board a plane back home. Besides, we really missed our Liddy Poppins. 

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