Monday, April 15, 2013

A very happy Easter...

While I much prefer Easter to fall in April, we still had a wonderful day and the weather, while not very spring like, was at least warm enough to allow everyone to wear their new Easter duds. 

Adam and Olivia were adorable in their seer sucker outfits.  The adults couldn't hold a candle to them, but we tried! :)  

After missing church last year due to pink eye, I was happy to be able to bring Adam along.  He was pretty well behaved just a bit antsy towards the end, but then who isn't?!  He even remembered some of what was said, of course it was the part where Father Arty wished everyone a day full of candy! :) Hey, he gets points regardless! 

We then got home and let the kids go hunting for their hidden Easter baskets.  The Easter Bunny treated Adam very well, but I like to think he deserved it, he is a really good boy (most of the time.) 

We enjoyed a great brunch with my family and then headed over to visit Poppy (we missed Ommy who was in Florida).  We spent the afternoon making Great Grandma Helen's saffron rolls and playing with some of the new puzzles Adam received in his basket.  We ended our day with a great Easter feast. 

A wonderful day filled with family, treats, and a celebration of hope.

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