Friday, August 31, 2012

Our beach bum...

We've known for awhile now that Adam is a certified beach bum.  If he could, I'm certain he'd have sand in between his toes (and in every other crevice) 24/7.  This beach week has done nothing but further solidify Adam's status as a future surfer boy! 

His face just lights up when he climbs over the sand dune and catches that first glimpse of the ocean.  He then races down the dune to the beach and starts digging immediately. 

His love for the sand is equally matched by his love for the ocean.  This trip has brought out an even more adventurous wave jumper in Adam and has kept us on our toes! 


Though seeing the pure joy in his face when he's on the beach and jumping over the waves makes it all worth it and has us counting down the days to next year's beach adventures!

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