Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OBX Bound...for real this time!

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Hurricane Irene rained on our parade (remember this?) but alas, our beloved beach week has arrived and with it, sunny skies! Halleluijah!

We headed down bright and early on Saturday and after months of talking about it Adam was so happy to be "going to the beach!" (as he chanted over and over all morning)  Traffic was a breeze and before we knew it were in the Outer Banks with 4 hours to kill before check in time. 

We met up with Uncle Mark, Grandma and Grandpa at a great restaurant right on the bay that allows dogs on the outdoor deck (water bowl included!)  The sun was shining brightly and though it made for a toasty lunch, all we cared was that the sun was shining brightly! ha.

We killed some more time doing some exploring and shopping and finally the wait paid off as we were able to check in to our gorgeous house right across from the beach.  *Kudos to Andy for lugging the majority of the luggage/groceries/toys/etc. up the three flights of stairs!


After we got settled in we suited up and hit our private pool for an early evening splash.  Adam is loving his water wings and the fun water toys that everyone gifted him with. 

We then enjoyed our first outdoor showers of the trip and headed in to cook up some homemade pizzas for dinner. 

Great start to a beach week that was two years in the making!

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