Thursday, May 3, 2012


While the dancing, lounging, sunning, cocktail drinking, and laughing were all great highlights of our SaraghanMegapaLiza celebration, I'd say the number one seed for me was our Kayoga adventure.

Kayoga is a combination of kayaking and yoga---clever right?  It's just about the coolest thing I've ever done and to have been able to experience it with our big group of Greeley gals made it all the more special. 

Yeah, we all had the same bathing suit. Gotta love Target!

Basically you kayak for about 45-60 minutes to an island where you then do yoga for about 45 minutes and then kayak back to land.  Along the way you might see dolphins, sting rays, a jumping fish, or in our case, you might see sharks and manatee.  Yeah, I said the "s" word and I'm not going to lie, while I didn't see it for myself, I'm certain it was huge (not the 2 feet our instructor said it was) and I'm sure it was hungry.  I'm also sure my arms sprouted engines.  Fortunately, our time on the island splashing our feet in the gulf and doing yoga on the sand calmed me down, otherwise I might still be living on that island.

For the trip back, since I had a hybrid kayak/paddle board I decided to give paddle boarding a try.  It was definitely harder, just keeping your balance made for quite a leg workout, but I really enjoyed it.  The bonus, though at the time I'm not sure I saw it that way, was that I had a great view of a huge manatee that I paddled right over.  Amazing.

I'll always remember that adventure and while it wasn't a race, I'd just like to remind my competitve family that I did make it to the island first.  I'm just sayin.  ;)

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