Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marley's Birthday Party

Saturday evening we headed to the My Gym in our neighborhood to celebrate Marley's 2nd birthday. Marley is the daughter of Neil and Fiona, who are part of our Doggie Happy Hour crew.

It was a fun party and it was great to see how much more comfortable and adventurous Adam was with all of the activities since Lillian's party in February (see here.) He was still a big fan of the ball pit, but also found joy in playing basketball, climbing over the little bridge, popping bubbles and climbing up the ladder to get to the slide to get to the ball pit--what a big boy!!!
It was a great celebration for an adorable little girl and a perfect excuse to see some of our old DHH crew and the next generation of doggie happy hour participants! :) Happy birthday Miss Marley! (sweet girl in the pink tutu)

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