Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring came early....

What a crazy winter! Not a single snow day (to date) and not even a measurable amount of snow has fallen. Instead we've had super warm days, lots of sunshine, and tons of time spent outdoors. It's been pretty magical I have to admit. 

One of the highlights has been all the walks (bike rides for Adam of course) to the park. Harper has really enjoyed walking around at the park and loves the freedom he has to just explore. Luckily we are past the stage where he'd just want to put mulch in his mouth - ha. He definitely loves the swings and while it took a few tries, we've finally mastered the slide! (I promise, no Harper's were injured in the making of these videos....

Adam has loved playing in the backyard and he found a new appreciation for soccer - which he is now going to play this spring. He's also enjoyed getting to wear shorts most days to school - shorts in February?! What is happening?!

The dogs have also enjoyed all their time in the fresh air. Lots of walks and playing fetch in the backyard have also made for some happy pups. 

Andy and I have enjoyed all the time outdoors as well. A highlight was making fires each evening as we burned up our neighbor's Christmas tree -- so long winter - hello spring! 

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