Thursday, May 7, 2015

So long Hawaii...for now...

Our travel back home didn't begin until 5:30 at night, so we soaked up some final rays, enjoyed one last tasty lava flow, and one last drive in our Jeep. All good preparation for the looooong trip ahead. 

We rode on three different airplanes, traveling nearly 8,000 miles back to good old Virginia. We made the most of our journey, with a nice dinner and some shopping in the Honolulu airport, free cocktails on our flight to LA, and watching golf on the flight from LA home. 

Of course for as tiring of a trip as it was, the greeting we received from Adam and Liddy when we arrived back home made it all worth it. Adam loved the goodies we brought back for him - especially the lava rock we scooped up for him on the beach where we wrote his name in rocks. Boy was it good to be home with our family. 

Though I know we left a little piece of ourselves back in Hawaii - all the more reason to return someday. 

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