Tuesday, March 31, 2015

International visitor...

Back in February I had the pleasure of hosting one of my colleagues from our European headquarters for about a week. Desire traveled here from The Netherlands and we spent a week working out of my home office knocking all kinds of things off our to-do list. Normally our interactions take place via text, email, and the occasional phone call - so it was really nice to be in the same country, time zone, and office for a bit. 

It was also fun getting to play host - this was only her second time in the US - the first and only time had been to our conference last year in Clearwater, FL. Unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperate - hello below freezing temps, 8 inches of snow and canceled school during her visit - but we still made the most of it with a fancy end of a busy work week dinner at Passion Fish, and a short romp around DC to show her some of the sites. It was a great excuse to go up in the Washington Monument - something I've only done once and about 18 years ago...

Adam loved having an international visitor in the house - he just talked her ear off and got a kick out of her accent and the occasional translation mix-ups. It also helped that she brought treats - including a children's short story book, "Jip & Janneke" (pronounced like Yip and Yanneka). Though my favorite were the stroopwafel - oh my those are crunchy, yet chewy, wafers of caramel goodness. 

Looking forward to welcoming her back again sometime soon - with hopefully nicer weather - and of course heading over there sometime as well. Love the company I work for and the people I work with! :) 

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