Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Break in Retrospect Part I

Phew! It's a good thing we took our spring break vacation while we did because life before and after that has been all kinds of crazy! It's also a good thing I took so many pictures as the craziness has made that trip quite a blur in my memory.  Alas, here's an attempt at capturing the trip and the fun times we had relaxing as a family for the craziness that was to come. 

The first leg of our week of camping was spent in Charleston, SC. We left on a Friday (directly after I landed from a week in Vegas for work) and made it to a cute little campground off 95 shortly after we entered South Carolina. We had a nice evening relaxing in our own little ways after a day on the road. I watched The Masters (and probably dozed off a few times), Liddy enjoyed a bone, Adam played dominoes and Andy, well let's face it, Andy was probably doing anything but relaxing because he just doesn't do that. :) 

After a good night's rest we packed up and hit the road again for the now very short jaunt over to Charleston. We stopped along the way for groceries and beach gear and enjoyed the gorgeous water views as we drove into the heart of Charleston to get to our campground, James Island.  

What a beautiful park and Andy did a great job picking out the perfect site for us and we are so thankful he did considering some of the sites were pretty small with no room to run around, like the one next to us. We quickly got set up and everyone seemed really happy to be at our first final destination (like I said, this was just the first leg of our trip!) 

After setting up Adam quickly encouraged us to get our bikes out so we could hit up the park.  He didn't even see the park but he must have some kind of built in radar system for these things! :)  

We ended the day with a delicious seafood pasta and a campfire because that's just how we roll...

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