Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to the Great Outdoors!

We've been on quite a camping hiatus this winter, mostly due weekends spent packing and moving, but we finally got back out there last weekend for a much overdue camping trip.  We didn't travel far, but the great thing I've learned in this past year of camping adventures is that even camping in the middle of Reston can feel like you are far away from home.  

The weather was a bit warmer allowing for lots of outside play time.  We even had Kathleen & Olivia over for breakfast around the campfire. Those cousins sure do love spending time together!

Adam and Liddy were both exhausted by the end of our trip having spent the better part of Saturday chasing each other around.  It was the perfect weekend getaway and we're looking forward to warmer temperatures and more camping trips as we welcome spring! 

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