Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lake of the Woods

This weekend we headed down to Greg and Erica's lake house (well, Greg's parent's lake house) at Lake of the Woods. It was the perfect meeting place for us to get together with our other great friends, Chris and Aimee.

Now that we all have kids (yikes!) it was fun to get the kiddos together (first time for Ryan and Blake to meet) and watch them interact. When Adam wasn't trying to sweep the deck, he and Ryan had fun playing together and Adam was so attentive to "the baby." Turning her music on for her on her chair, bringing things to her, and when she wasn't around, he would shrug his shoulders and say "gone?" Adorable. Ryan needs to step up his game if he wants a shot! ;)

As for the adults, we had fun chit chatting, enjoying some cold beverages, racing miniature boats and eating...I think we ate the whole time...but it was too good to stop! There were homemade sweet and sour meatballs, grilled bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp, and amazing ribs that cooked in an apple juice bath...yeah, it was taste! (and required an extra run on Sunday!)

The weather was great and there is nothing like waking up to clear views of the lake to start your morning off right. Adam and I woke up extra early to enjoy the views and to get "homemade" cinnamon rolls baking (those cans are really hard to open sometimes! ha!) Once everyone was up we enjoyed a nice morning of coffee and more eating and playing.

Thanks so much to Greg, Erica and Blake for hosting us! We can't wait to go back soon! (hint hint!) ;)

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