Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We continued our tradition of spending the 4th of July up at Wintergreen. I can remember last year being pregnant with little Adam and all of us being very excited at the thought that next year we'd have a baby joining us...who knew there would end up being TWO babies! :)

It was Olivia's first trip to Wintergreen and I think she enjoyed herself. It was nice to have lots of time to spend with her. After chasing Adam around the house it was nice to have "Olivia Breaks" where I could just be in charge of cuddling that sweet baby girl.

We all took turns with the cooking duties and as always we ate very well. Andy even got to spend some time smoking ribs and reading a book--a favorite past time of his.

Adam had a lot of fun and enjoyed having so many extra people around to play with him. He even got to splash around on the deck in his pool.

We skipped the fireworks this year, logistically it was just not going to work especially with such little ones in tow. But we did enjoy a rousing game of "Hearts" followed by fireworks on the tv--not quite the same, but it sufficed.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe holiday!

(PS: thanks to Uncle Lee and Uncle Mark for helping to take some really great pictures!)

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